On-line registration for the 2020 Red Fox Elbrus Race is open!


On-line registration for the 2020 Red Fox Elbrus Race is open!

Are you already dreaming of summiting Europe’s highest peak?!

We invite you to take part in the XII Red Fox Elbrus Race, an international festival of mountain extreme sports to be held from May, 4th until 8th, 2020 on the slopes of Mt. Elbrus (5642m)!

It will be days of amazing competition and camaraderie for mountain climbers, ski mountaineers, and sky runners in the picturesque Caucasus mountains.

Online registration is already open!

As the highest point in Europe, Mt. Elbrus is a natural rendezvous point for hundreds of outstanding athletes from around the world. It’s a great place to set your sights on ambitious goals and overcome personal roadblocks to achieve them. Be there on May 4-8 so you can join the race for new records on Mt. Elbrus!

The program begins with one of the most popular mountain races in the world – the Vertical Kilometer®. Two days later the grand event of the festival are two high-speed ascents to the top of Europe – the SkyMarathon® - Mt. Elbrus, 2350-5642 m and Skyrace® - Mt. Elbrus, 3780-5642 m.

The 2020 Red Fox Elbrus Race team is waiting for you! Inspire yourself for the record books!

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Explore Elbrus. Expand your limits.

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