Standard Support Package


Dates: April, 29 – May, 9, 2017
Event Venue: Mt. Elbrus (5642 m)

Standard Support Package
(prices per person)

1 Transfer Mineralnye Vody Airport – Azau Glade and back
(minimum 2 persons)
80 Euros per person
2 Accommodation in hotel at Azau Glade (including breakfast and dinner)
Double/ triple room with private bathroom
63 Euros per person, per night
3 Accommodation in "Barrels", Garabashi (including breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Bed in simple mountain camp
63 Euros per person, per night
4 Passport registration with the immigration office 5 Euros

Races entrance fees:

1 Vertical Kilometer® - Mt. Elbrus, 2450-3450 m. Kabardino-Balkarian Skyrunner Cup 40 Euros
2 High-speed Run to Mt. Elbrus West Summit ("Sport" and "Classic" classes) 45 Euros
3 Elbrus Open Ski-mountaineering Cup/ Individual Race 35 Euros
4 Elbrus Open Ski-mountaineering Cup/ Team Race 35 Euros per team
5 Snow-shoe Race RedFox TSL Challenge 5 Euros
6 Total entrance fee (in case of participation in all races of the Festival) 135 Euros
Total cost for 10 days / 9 nights (in case of participation in all races of the Festival): 850 Euros

Additional costs (optional):

1 Lunch in one of the hotels at Azau Glade 7 Euros per lunch
2 Accomodation/ additional night (double/ triple room with breakfast and dinner) 63 Euros per night
3 Ski pass 20 Euros per day